Our Values

RESPECT: We all have the right to a safe and inclusive environment. All members of the school community will be treated respectfully at all times and appropriate standards of behaviour will be expected, modelled and reinforced.

ENGAGEMENT IN LEARNING: We set our expectations high, provide engaging and motivating lessons, and support the needs of all learners. Every child will do their best in all areas. Our aim is for all children to achieve above the benchmark in national tests.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are the core of all interactions within this community. Respectful communication is the key to developing effective relationships. The input of all stakeholders is to be sought and valued.

STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: All members of the school community are perpetual learners, setting and reflecting on goals for academic, physical and social achievements.

VALUE EDUCATION: We will instil a desire for lifelong learning through an appreciation of the importance of teaching and learning, preparing us for the future.

Our Mission

“Our Children, Our Future”