From the Principal

As the principal of Marri Grove I am thrilled to welcome all children, families and visitors to our wonderful school.

We are proud to be a school that is part of our growing community here in Byford and to be able to contribute to its continuing success. We welcome families from all around the world and value the diversity that this brings to our classrooms.

Marri Grove Primary School is an independent public school. All staff and student work their hardest to create a strong and successful school community.

At this school we work to ensure that:

  • Marri Grove Primary School is an excellent school
  • every teacher at Marri Grove Primary School is an effective teacher
  • every student at Marri Grove Primary School is a successful student.

Schools are about children and making sure that they have every opportunity to be successful. At this school, we are creating the future through growing children who will become strong, resilient, happy and caring adults.